Research in Motion

Here are few pictures of our research team and the various sensors that we have developed over the years.

Our underwater camera system after collecting data for few weeks of the cost of Florida.
Breast surgeon Julie Margenthaler, MD, and clinical fellow Diana Hook (teal mask), MD, perform surgery on March 26, 2018. Bioinspired camera developed by Prof. Gruev’s research tam is used for mapping sentinel lymph nodes.
First image with our first generation spectral cameras based on Foveon’s imaging sensors. Form left to right, Nickel Zudong, Steven Blair and Zhongmin Zhu.
Thermal image from one of our custom cameras. Sometimes they get very hot, which is a major problem with imagers.
Our custom alignment stage for finalizing the fabrication process of our bio inspired sensors. Very cool setup!
The final step in putting together our cameras is done in our lab. We integrate filters and cameras together using a custom setup. The entire process takes a lot of time and patience. Steven Blair, Viktor Gruev and Zhongmin Zhu are in the picture.
Our hex-chromatic camera was used during surgery in patients with breast cancer. This is part of the team that works don this project. Members of Prof. Viktor Gruev ECE lab (from left): Zuodong Liang, graduate student; Zhongmin Zhu, graduate student: Viktor Gruev, professor of electrical and computer engineering; and Steven Blair, graduate student.
Zhongin Zhu working on soldering one of the spectral imaging sensors.
Our first bio inspired spectral camera was successfully used during cancer surgery. Prof. Viktor Gruev and Missael Garcia are in this picture.
Prof. Viktor Gruev and graduate student Zhingkui Gao demonstrating the first generation of Intraoperative goggles.