Bioinspired sensors for biomedical application

We are working on developing a new class of sensors inspired from nature. The visual system of various animals, such as mantis shrimp or morpho butterflies, are able to detect spectral and polarization information with higher acuity compared to state of the art man-made imaging systems. Using combination of CMOS technology and various nano-structures, we are developing new class of bio-inspires spectral and polarization imaging sensors.

Our bio-inspired sensors have extreme sensitivity enabling many biomedical applications. These sensors are currently used for sentinel lymph node mapping in patients with breast cancer, blood flow evaluation in diabetic patients.

Bio-inspired polarization imaging for marine applications

We are currently working with group of marine biologists to deploy our bio-inspired polarization sensors back in nature and understand why and how polarization information is exploited in nature. Our sensors are used for field studies from the Florida Keys to the Great Barrier Reef and the Mediterranean See. Incredible underwater color-polarization footage from various marine animals can be fond on the blog page.

Opening in the lab: Posdoc position and Doctoral student poisition

I am looking to hire a post doctoral student for the translation studies for our bio-inspired multi spectral imaging sensors. Currently we are developing multi-spectral and polarization sensitive imaging sensor and we are closely working with Washington University School of Medicine to translate this technology in the operating room. Interested candidates please contact Prof. Viktor Gruev (vgruev at illinois.edu)

I am looking to hire two new graduate students for our bio-inspired polarization and multi-spectral imaging projects. Interested candidates please contact Prof. Viktor Gruev (vgruev at illinois.edu)

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