• Researchers at the University of Illinois and Washington University have developed an underwater GPS method using polarization information collected with a bio-inspired camera mimicking the eyes of the mantis shrimp. This technology could open new possibilities for undersea navigation and understanding of the migratory behavior of marine animals. Video by Kaitlin Southworth and images provided by Viktor Gruev. You can read more about it here:   IEEE SpectrumMiami Herald, Science DailyNews Deeply,  Illinois,  Maritime Herold, Republica.



  • NPR: The Snail-Smashing, Fish-Spearing, Eye-Popping Mantis Shrimp The killer punch of the mantis shrimp is the fastest strike in the animal kingdom, a skill that goes hand in hand with its extraordinary eyesight. They can see an invisible level of reality using polarized light, which could lead to a breakthrough in detecting cancer. More information on youtube. Full story on NPR's website.







  • Our work on wearable goggles that are used in the operating room to assist oncologist in imaging cancerous tissue was covered by several new outlets. You can read more about it here: WashU Outlook, Fox News, Bloomberg, BBC